emulator / simulator robot programming

Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

in this time i want to share knowledge.
for you who want to learn programming robot just try it
visit www.robomind.com. a site that provides free software and the souce code.

there are also videos and tutorials in the form of pdf files.


bugs in facebook

Senin, 10 Mei 2010

Facebook has serious holes in its services to improve the user is normally used for a live chat on Facebook Contact.
Once again, Facebook Privacy settings have serious exploitation, which was discovered by Steve O'Hear, author of TechCrunch. But now Facebook is the bug fix and all was back as usual.

Facebook Privacy settings have caused damage lately. In a video, showing how he O'Hear exploit bugs on Facebook and get into live chat user and check the pending invites from other users. Then, from the Facebook, explaining, for a limited time, a bug allows a user chat messages and pending friend requests a user to be viewed by their friends, by manipulating the feature "Preview my Profile" from the Facebook Privacy Settings.

When Facebook received a report this problem, Facebook engineer diagnose the problem and then disable the chat function to smenetara, according to Facebook. However, his side had improved function and a chat friend request tersebbut same again. "We worked quickly to address them, make sure that all bugs reported to us, then the solution will soon be found and implemented." Facebook added. With the emergence of this problem, then you will never know how many holes in the social networking site like, so it is advisable to restrict the publication of further personal data.

source : beritanet.com


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